Why Is OG Kush So Popular

The scientific term used to describe what is og Kush being “Colombian indica”. This is actually the name of a small mountain variety found only on the Colombian mountains, and its effects on your body, are quite noticeable. The aroma you’ll notice is that of the most powerful sativa strains, mixed with a sweet and woody finish. The final thoughts in your brain when smoking what is a Kush will be one of pleasure, relaxation and overall good feelings.

But, before we discuss what is og Kush, let’s take a moment to explain what is indica. Indica or “Colombian” plants are some of the most common and popular types of what is og Kush strains. These plants are found all over the world, from Central America to South America, and they are found in varying color and type. They have different phenotypes, and this is what gives each plant its own personality and individual characteristics. The effects you will notice when smoking what is a Kush will come from a mix of four different phenotypes found in this particular type of plant.

What Is OG Kush

What is og Kush has four different phenotypes, but the most common is named, “Simbati”. These strains produce what is known as “Simbati Citrus”, which is a clear and delicate orange-red. The other two phenotypes produce what is called “Simbati Ligusticum”, which is a deep green, and the last strain, “Simbati”, produces what is called “Simbati Angusticans”, which is an extremely strong and sour red. The combination of these different phenotypes, what is of Kush will create a distinctive taste and smell. The different smells, tastes and colors of what is og Kush is due to the genetics that is passed down from each generation of the plants.

In addition to being super-hybrid and high-effect, the best og kush seeds are also packed with powerful nutrients, the highest grade of cannabidiol (CBD), and a host of other nutrients you’d want in your bud. Get ready to bust out your smoker’s stash, because the best og kush marijuana seeds are on the way.

OG Kush Effects

Often referred to as simply “Kush”, OG Kush is the most potent strain of cannabis available in California. As a potent hybrid-dominant hybrid, users seek out OG Kush strains for the intense effects usually associated with traditional indices; however, effects on the brain stem are a priority for users, as brain stimulation is a common cause of chronic pain and other brain impairments. A strong Indoor Airway Pressure Induction (IAP), which is the product of mold growth inside the airway, can cause permanent damage to sensitive tissue around the inner ear, neck and eyes. Therefore, any user should seek out an effective means to alleviate pain by using Kush.

The Medicinal Benefits: A blend of terpenes found in nature produces an aroma that’s both earthy and spicy but has more medicinal benefits than most can imagine. Some of the most common uses for OG kush seeds are insomnia, anxiety, migraines, nausea, cancer, and more. While these terpenes are known to have medicinal uses, some people use the oil for recreational purposes as well. It has an exotic effect on the brain that is often compared to “getting high” on a magic mushroom. If you want to get “high” on a kush seeds, you’re going to love what they can do.

Is OG Kush a Sativa or Indica

A lot of what is og Kush, can be compared to what is popularly known as “indica”. This specific type of strain exhibits almost no physical differences from any other strain, and this is what is making it very popular with people who are looking for a strain that is powerful, yet not too strong. What is og Kush is able to do, is make an almost sweet, yet strong flavor that can lead to people feeling alert and uplifted, and this is what is making it so popular amongst people looking to get high on something that tastes great. With what is og Kush, you can get a powerful feeling that is guaranteed to put you in a light mood for the day.

Types of OG Kush

In the world of herbal kush, some would beg to differ. For them there are three main categories of kush – sativa, indica, and hybrid. Sativa is an indica with a sweet citrus flavor. The Citrus kush types are Lemon Sugar, Orange Sugar, and Honeycomb.

Sativa is the type of kush that is most often found in the world of herbal products. It is the kush type that is most commonly found in the ingredients of bubble bath, energy drinks, vitamin supplements, and many other non-herbal products. Some sativa types produce a sweet smoke from the leaves. This is what some call a sativa flavor.

An isogash, or cross-bred kush, is a crossbred kush that contains only female flowers. Cross-breeding is a way of increasing the yields and producing more desirable results. In this case the results are desirable in a sweet manner. Some types of isogash can produce up to fifty percent more estrogen than a pure sativa. Some hybrids can even out produce the benefits of estrogen therapy.

What about the Lemon Og Kush?

An isogash is not considered to be as strong as a sativa. Many of the strains of this kush have only a small amount of saliva in them. This makes them ideal to be used in combination with other remedies. For instance, kava-kava is often used in conjunction with isogash for hot flashes. It may help alleviate symptoms or relieve the discomfort associated with hot flashes.

This is an isogash crossed with the popular Lemon Herb. It is thought that this hybrid is the most potent at blocking the formation of THMs, or Trihalomethanes. It is also thought to have a high degree of fiber. The leaves of the lemon og kush are believed to contain an active enzyme that can destroy cells carrying DNA within. This would make it a powerful compound for menopausal women to use as well as menopausal women who suffer with hot flashes and other hormone imbalances.

One of the most popular types of OG Kush that is grown is the Jamaica Blue. This strong and robust strain is a favorite among many strains of Uchi types of cannabis connoisseurs, coming in at number twenty on our list. Jamaica Blue features very sweet lemon aromas with hints of spice and tangy overtones. Many would describe its taste as being a cross between black licorice and tart cherries. A strong, rich, punchy flavor is characteristic of many heavy hitters in the Uchi spectrum, making this a powerful choice when it comes to experimenting with different flavors.

If you’ve ever had the fortunate (or unfortunate) luck to stumble upon an exotic purple grass that you would love to care for yourself, you’re probably already aware of the many types of OG Kush. You know, from the Silver Myrtle to the Hypo morphic form of the legendary Shanta Uchi. And if you’re like most people, you know very little about OG Kush. Or even the genetics behind it. Or how to grow it, harvest it, extract it, etc.

Of course, some of these strains are simply West Coast recreations of original strains. With producers crossbreeding indica dominant strains with indica-dominant strains, many are getting the idea that it is possible to create a better tasting product with less desirable traits. For example, there have been Uchi-type strains released that feature resins that are less pungent than some traditional types of weed. While it may not be for everyone, this is an interesting route worth exploring by budding cannabis connoisseurs.

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